Painting the Rock​​

Annual Dual-Team Carwash

In the spring offseason, some Michigan State water polo players spend their time with local middle school programs to develop young athletes while promoting the sport.

The teams often travel to Grand Rapids to play other schools and learn a lot about teamwork and leadership. 

Coaching Middle School Teams

2018 Car Wash Video!

In the summer of 2015, the MSU Men's and Women's Water Polo team painted the rock by the Red Cedar River and Farm Lane. The paint stood for over three days and received at least 1,000 signatures from random students and East Lansing citizens that passed by.

Every fall, the Men's and Women's Water Polo teams come together to provide free car washes in return for donations for the club. The event is hosted by 7/11 on Grand River Avenue.

​In the past few years, the combined efforts of the two teams have helped to clean hundreds of cars and bring in a lot of money to help the clubs!