The Beginning of MSU Water Polo

1967 - Official document presented to Mark Manrique, president at the time, confirming the club's registration.

1966 - The Michigan State University Water Polo Club

​The team played in the Midwest Collegiate Water Polo Association and completed against teams including Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio State, Loyola, Drake, and Western Michigan, to name a few.

​In 1968 the team welcomed the Puerto Rican National Team to their indoor facility and had a scrimmage in which MSU won handily, 10-1.

By 1969 and 1970 the United States Olympic Committee began to take notice of the development of water polo at Michigan State, and ran a clinic nearby with MSU players, local high school players, and coaches.

​From then on, the sport has continued to develop and spread throughout the midwest.

Water polo first took root at Michigan State in the mid-1960s when a group of friends including Dave Dixon, Ron Pohlonski, Bob Aldrich, Mark Manrique, and his older brother Dennis Manrique built goals and played for fun at the Jenison Fieldhouse indoor pool.

The guys found enough people to play by the spring of 1966 and began competing against other schools for the first time in the fall of that year.

​The team was officially recognized by Michigan State University on November 17th, 1967.

1970 - Rich Mull, Ron Pohlonski and Mark Manrique assisting a swim practice at Okemos, a local high school. Ron was the coach of the Everett swim team at the time (after graduation) and Rich invited them to come work out at Okemos.